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Dancing to the Polls

It’s election season and as you all know; the country has been a mess majority of 2020. People are ready to get this man out of office and are going above and beyond to make sure people are registered to vote. This year black people are serious about making sure no one sits this election out and are even finding creative ways to show everyone how important voting is. 2020 is year we cannot afford to sit out.

Atlanta-based TV director, Angela Barnes, knew that she wanted to put together a public service announcement but didn’t have a big budget for putting it together. She and some of her friends in the industry got together to discuss what they could do in the wake of all of the police brutality as well as the pandemic that’s been affecting everyone. Something that was related to the area and targeted the audience of black men who didn’t believe voting was important.

"I was like we need something that people are going to want to share on their own without us having to pay to get it out there," Barnes said. "We are going to want to do something that's informative and specific to who we are talking to and I go 'I want it to be Atlanta, I want people to know it's about Atlanta.' Then I said 'I don't know, like Magic City dancers saying get your booty to the poll." – Angela Barnes via CNN.

With the help of exotic dancers from some of Atlanta’s finest gentlemen’s clubs, Angela created Get Your Booty to the Poll. She teamed up with producer, Paul Fox, and they gathered a group of talented filmmakers to join. The whole crew volunteered their time to create an original song and filmed the message in a day. Not only was this PSA about voting for the president, but also showing voters that you’re voting for a lot more than that. Their website emphasizes on doing your research about all that your ballot entails. They even provide sample ballots so that you can be completely prepared and find additional information on candidates.

There is a lot more than the president on the ballot, and you need to know who cares about the stuff that will help you and yours and who DGAF. A lot of polls won’t let you take out your phone when voting, so print your sample ballot or write down your choices. You can download a sample ballot here: Personalized Ballot | VOTE411.– The project cost about $12,000 to shoot, a lot of which went towards covid-19 protocols. They also provided wages for the dancers – many of whom hadn’t been able to work because of the pandemic. This year has been really hard on all of us. To see people come together to create anything positive during such a hard time is amazing. Of course, they received a little backlash, but they did a PSA using what they knew and ultimately reached their goal. Going completely viral and getting people to talk about voting.

From one creative to another we want to say thank you to Angela Barnes and her team for not only thinking outside the box, but also providing resources for voters to get informed. Our voice matters and we have a lot more power than people think. You can view their PSA below and also follow their socials to keep up with new information.